NSRA Retail Footwear Conference

About the Sessions

Survivor Personalities: True Colors Profiling
Ever lie awake at night wondering why your employees don't listen or follow directions? Maybe there's a personality conflict. If so, there are options besides termination (or voting them off at Tribal Council). This kick-off session uses a "colors" analogy to describe personalities and help you discover your personality type. By understanding how the rest of the world views your "color," you can become a more effective manager (and get more sleep). This fun, interactive session sets the tone for the day, allowing you to look inside and find the true leader within.

Reward Challenge Activity: Bright Ideas to Outwit, Outlast, Outsell
Following the True Colors Profiling, retailers will separate into their own Tribes, be given buffs appropriate to personality profile colors, and be asked to come up with Bright Ideas suggestions on conference-specific topics. The Tribes will be timed; those with the best Bright Ideas will win the Reward Challenge. Their Bright Ideas will be shared with the group in a special session just before lunch. (Non-winners: Don't worry. You won't be voted off the conference.)

Special "Survivor!" Presentation
Join Rupert Boneham for fun and adventure as he recounts his now-famous survival on TV's leading reality show. Besides talking about the obstacles, he'll give you the insider background: being selected, getting time off, lining up family support - and then working not only to bond with fellow tribe members, but also to hone and employ his survival skills so he could outlast them. Learn how his personality, skills and beliefs ultimately affected his relationship with the audience and his ability to win. It may only take one event or action for you to be "the last one standing." Join this reality TV survivor and put some hof his survival skills to work in your company!

Outwit: Creating a Niche Business
Every independent shoe retailer has heard that niche marketing is a way to increase profits in a bone-crunching competitive marketplace. But how do you find and create the "right" niche? In this session, experienced NSRA-member niche market experts will show you the fundamentals: discovering, developing and executing your niche market, and maximizing it to the fullest income potential. You'll also learn about niche marketing your entire store versus finding special niches within your store.

Outlast: Business Succession Planning: It's Never Too Early
You've built your business into a success - and suddenly, a life-changing event occurs: now what? This session explores issues in business succession planning, and discusses the preparations you should make now to anticipate retirement or a life-threatening event. Case studies will examine how to decide whether a family member or trusted manager should own and run the business, or whether it's time for an outsider to come in. Transitions have significant spin-off effects; the differences affect not just the business and the employees, but tax consequences and estate planning. It's never too early to build the framework that assures you can make appropriate decisions.

Outsell: Relating, Not Translating - Reaching the Hispanic Market
Hispanics are the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S. They are changing American ideas about food, music, media, entertainment, politics. They are also changing business. But marketing to Latinos involves more than simply translating your message into Spanish. Latinos want to be reached intellectually, rationally, emotionally and culturally. This session outlines the most common mistakes made in trying to market to Latinos, how to avoid those mistakes, and how to reach your target customer in a way that will last - including specific do's and don'ts and tools you can implement immediately.

Outwit: Lifestyle Retailing
Golf is often described as a "lifestyle" that roughly 12% of Americans embrace, making them a sizeable niche market. And as "business casual" became a workplace dress standard, non-golfers found that golf fashion lets them maintain a professional appearance at work. Golf Galaxy is a store that provides "Everything for the Game" -- equipment, instruction, repair, home dˇcor, fashion. -- and focuses on four primary groups of golfers: recreational, core, female and junior. This session looks at how Golf Galaxy identifies its customers and the marketing methods that work with each group. In addition, it explores how training, in-store graphics, and the entire corporate culture center around five specific "core values" resulting in an employee retention average that is 70% higher than the national average. - and positioning Golf Gaxlaxy as the industry poised for aggressive growth.

Outlast: Reinventing Your Business
David McNally will show you how to take your business to a new level and sharpen your competitive edge. He'll focus on:

  • The three pillars upon which a successful business is built.
  • The three characteristics that make a business stand out from the crowd.
  • The three dimensions that shape the perception customers have of a business.
  • The promise that all successful businesses make.

Outsell: The Athletic Footwear Challenge
Sports Edge Magazine presents "Surviving in Today's Athletic Footwear Market," providing insights into how the 21st Century retailer is faring in the multi-billion-dollar footwear market. A panel of industry experts addresses customer service, buying power, inventory control, factoring, merchandising, and trends to watch for in 2006 and beyond.

Outwit: Lessons Learned from Internet Survivors
The big buzz is about e-commerce, Internet sales, Pay-Pal systems, and the ease of processing sales online. But as with any new venture, there are inherent risks and danger zones - the topics no-one really wants to talk about...except us. This high-voltage session digs into the Internet Zone - with a panel of Internet Survivors willing to talk about what to avoid, problems with returns, how to handle email responses, payment options, security issues and the ultimate: inventory control and distribution. Check out this session and come away with hands-on meaty information that will hep you decide if selling via the Internet is right for you.

Outsell: Women's Footwear Buying - Market Trends
Women account for nearly 85% of all purchases made in America today, buying everything from vacations and major household goods to wearing apparel - and, of course, footwear. But while we know that women are the bulk of the customer base, do we really know what drives their purchasing behavior, and how to channel it to our advantage? Do we as shoe retailers fully understand the challenges of dealing with women shoppers in today's market? This session focuses on the demographic changes taking place with women, their buying habits, and the best ways to appeal to and communicate with this market group. Maria Clifford will also share insights on reaching the female consumer by traditional methods and more radical avenues.

Survive and Thrive
Many factors have contributed to uneasiness in the business world today. Among them are a global economy that requires constant vigilance, and dramatic shifts in the expectations and demands of customers. Consequently, the rules of success are no longer as easily defined as they once were. Success in this century requires a different map, and a new and greatly expanded view of the world and our place within it. David McNally will discuss why a strategy for surviving is "just not good enough." Then, based on a study of more than 600 organizations, he will outline and discuss key strategies used by both businesses and individuals who can lay claim to thriving, instead of just surviving -- strategies to help you soar to new heights of professional and personal achievement.

Meet the Speakers

Rupert Boneham
Born in Detroit, Michigan, Rupert Boneham competed on CBS-TV's Survivor Pearl Islands (2003) and returned to compete in Survivor All-Stars (2004), where he became the million-dollar winner selected by America's Tribal Council of television viewers. His parents moved the family to Indiana and from there to Texas, where Boneham studied nursing at San Angelo University. Current residing with his wife and their five-0year-old daughter in Indianapolis, Boneham is a vocational and clinical mentor for troubled teens. He also drives camera trucks for college football during the football season. Boneham, who describes himself as strong, smart and brave, is most proud of becoming independent and self-employed, allowing him to care for his family without having to live the "Nine-to-Five" workstyle.

Maria Clifford
Maria Clifford has been a footwear insider for nearly two decades, first as a buyer for Federated Department Stores, then in merchandising and product development for May Company and most recently as director of fashion and trends for the Naturalizer division of Brown Shoe Company.Using her unique eye for style and her insight into consumer preferences, Clifford launched MLC Consulting, LLC in 2004, a style and trend service that offers customized trend intelligence for today's fashion marketplace. She is also an adjunct professor of fashion forecasting at Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO, and a regular contributor to Shoe Retailing Today.

Ron Hornbaker
Ron Hornbaker is senior VP of sales and operations for Golf Galaxy, a lifestyle company focused on golf and everything that surrounds it. He and his partners have a combined 70 years of retail experience and a passion for golf that combined to allow them to create Tgolf Galaxy's retail stores, loss prevention and training facilities and programs. Hornbaker joined Golf Galaxy in 2000 after six years with a manufacturer of premium bads, where he served as vice president for operations and training, directing operations, sales and traning for 341 stores. He also developed the field infrastructure for multi-store management, which included seven regional and 50 district sales managers.Previously, he spent 14 year s in various mult-store management positions with Tandy Name Brand Retail Group, a subsidiary of consumer electronics retailer RadioShack Corporation.

Matthew Hudson, Ph.D.
For the past 20 years, Matthew Hudson has made his living as a retail artist, earning his way from the sales floor to the board room. Along the way, he has won many awards for his intuitive concepts and creative designs and ideas. He is a frequently-published author whose first book, Culturrific!, was released in 2003. With a doctorate in organizational behavior, Hudson has become a sought-after speaker with a gift for bringing light to the complex. Among his clients are Hyatt Regency Hotels, The Urban League, Exxon, The Disney Co. and The Norman Vincent Peale Foundation. The president of two charibalbe organizations, Hudson also serves on the Board of Governors of the University of North Texas. He is founder and president of The Big Feet Store and WooHoo, Inc.

Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonald is a marketing and advertising expert whose initial 20 years of ad agency experience included working for Young & Rubicam, TBWA Chiat/Day and Temerlin McClain before she began to specialize in Latino advertising and marketing. First drawn to Latino cultures when she moved to Albuquerque, NM, McDonald began studying them and collecting Latin American artwork. She accepted a job with one of the nation's top Latino ad agencies, which allowed her to immerse herself in Hispanic culture, nuances, values, traditions, language differences, foods, holidays, the roles of family and faith, and more. She has worked with clients such as Toyota, Subaru, BlueCross BlueShield, Budweiser and Kimberly-Clark to grow business by stratically and creatively targeting Latino audiences. She has also spent years as a volunteer teacher of English as a second language to Hispanic groups.

David McNally
David McNally has enjoyed an extensive international business career including assignments in South Africa, Europe and the South Pacific. An author, filmmaker, tainer, consultant and motivator, McNally's most recent book, co-authored with Karl D. Speak, is Be Your Own Brand - a Breakthrough Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd. His mission is straightforward: To provide people with the knowledge, sills and inspiration to perform at their best. Companies such as Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Pulte Homes and American Express have embraced McNally's work as a key component of preparing their employees for an ever-more competitive and complex future.

Allan Weiner, Esq.
Allan J. Weiner is a member of the Washington, DC law firm Collier Shannon Scott, PLLC, and chair of the Business Strategies and Transactions Group. He has practiced law in the Washington area for more than 30 years, including four as an attorney with the national office of the Internal Revenue Service. An honors graduate of both the University of Michigan School of Business Administration and The Ohio State University College of Law, he is also a certified public accountant. His specialty is business and tax matters for small- to medicum-size businesses, including issues related to business succession and estate planning for family-owned enterprises. A past chairman of the D.C. Bar Tax Section, Weiner also serves as general counsel to NSRA, the Pedorthic Footwear Association and The Board for Certification in Pedorthics.

Program Schedule*
*As of April 29, 2005. NSRA reserves the right to make changes.

7:00-8:00 a.m. - Registration, Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits

8:00 am - Welcome and Introductions
Randy Brown, Chairman, NSRA

8:15 am - Survivor Personalities: True Colors Profiling
Matthew Hudson

9:30 am - Reward Challenge: Bright Ideas to Outwit, Outlast, Outsell
(Activity in Tribal Groups)
Moderator: Matthew Hudson

10:15 am - Visit Exhibits

10:50 am - Breakout Sessions

    Outwit: Creating a Niche Business
    Panelists: NSRA Member Specialists, Moderator: Todd Lewis

    Outlast: Business Succession Planning: It's Never Too Early
    Allan Weiner

    Outsell: Relating, Not Translating - Reaching the Hispanic Market
    Kelly McDonald

11:50 am - Bright Ideas Reward Challenge Ceremony
Moderator: Matthew Hudson

11:50 am - For NSRA Vendor Members Only: Special Session: Reaching the Hispanic Market
Kelly McDonald

12:20 pm - Lunch

1:15 pm - Special "Survivor!" Presentation
Rupert Boneham, Survivor's Most Popular Survivor!

2:00 pm - Breakout Sessions

    Outwit: Lifestyle Retailing
    Ron Hornbaker, Golf Galaxy

    Outlast: Reinventing Your Business (also presented at 3:30)
    David McNally

    Outsell: The Athletic Footwear Challenge
    Panelists: Athletic Shoe Experts, TBA, Moderator: SportsEdge Magazine

2:50 pm - Visit Exhibits

3:30 pm - Breakout Sessions

    Outwit: Lessons Learned from Internet Survivors
    Panelists: NSRA Member Experts Moderator: Todd Lewis

    Outlast: Reinventing Your Business (also presented at 2:00)
    David McNally

    Outsell: Women's Footwear Buying - Market Trends
    Maria Clifford

4:45 pm - Survive and Thrive
David McNally

5:30 pm - Wrap-up Networking Reception

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Josef Seibel North America, Inc.
Kenneth Cole Productions
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Minnetonka Moccasin Co.
Munro American
New Era Store Design & Fixture
P.W. Minor & Son, Inc.
Remac, Inc.
Rieker Shoe Corporation
RMSA, Inc.
Sara Lee Household & Body Care
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The Frye Company
Thor*Lo Inc.
Trotters/Soft Walk/HS Trask
TT Group Inc.
Weyco Group

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