The transition into Fall is made effortless by the continuation and evolution of Spring's colours: whites, earth tones, and darks.

Femininity and individuality are still key but taken up a notch with sexy, over-the-top glamour, hard-edged touches, and warm ethnic details to make Fall's looks truly eclectic.

winter white & arctic pales
russets pick up hints of brown
taupes get grey or green cast

red moves from fashion to basic colour

reds evolve into heady rust, wine, burgundy
white shines through colour in distressed finishes
browns run the gamut: camel, russet, and chocolate
metallics are modern all over or as tarnished touches
blackened colour: aubergine, forest green, medieval blue
vintage leather finishes are a must in nappa, suede, calf and kidskin
green gets into action in olive drab and other military inspired variations

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