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The Fall 2003 footwear buying season kicked into full swing in Las Vegas at the WSA. Here is fashionFACTS' ready-to-wear trend analysis and the footwear options to look for this upcoming Fall.


The nesting instinct is surely in effect as people long for the comfort and security that comes from family gatherings, snuggling before the fire, and other creature comforts. As a result ready-to-wear proves that comfortable fashion is not an oxymoron: the silhouette is voluminous (with a long, full skirt as a staple) and incorporates cozy materials. Warm earth and fire inspired tones radiate warmth especially when applied to soft textures such as shearling, suede, and velvet.

Urban Sophisticates
A sophisticated, elegant appearance works well for modern professionals both in the office and out to dinner. Tailored and tamer are important words to remember when catering to this consumer. Icy neutrals, grey, navy, taupe, and off blacks form the basis of this updated classic palette. Dress shoes dominate this classification and are given high shine and drama for going out, especially around the holidays.

Cultures that thrive in cold weather climates are the inspiration for Fall's eclectic looks. A veritable potpourri of textures, fabrics, and silhouettes defines this ethnic trend that encourages layering and embellishment. With a basis of neutrals and stark white, winter brights create vivid interest as accents or applied colour. Materials are kept natural: chunky knits, vegetable tanned leathers, and boiled wool.

Rough Riders
Gritty and masculine with an edgy sex appeal, this trend is an urban junior unisex trend that melds functionality with style. Silhouettes are abbreviated and fitted creating sleeker lines. The right shoes become particularly important with the emergence of cuffed and banded ankle pants. Leather dominates in supple and sleek, natural and worn, or downright distressed styles. Colour gets a shot of Goth with black, off-blacks, dark brown, wine, plum, and tarnished and metallized colour.

Whether a blast from the past or glimpse into the future, the media has given us the lust for escape. This desire realizes itself in dramatic, high style, and high tech classifications. Everyday life is made more exciting with metallic flash, graphic superhero looks, and sporty performance styles. Not necessarily sport driven, these styles look best in an urban environment giving the wearer instant street credibility.


texture is key:exotic, patched, distressed, grained, oiled, waxy, natural and most
importantly SOFT
toe character: pointy AND round toes are equally viable
legwear is fashion: slouchy socks with ankle boots, textured stockings with high
boots and heels
tuck-in trousers work with military style lace ups and sleek heeled boots
cuffed trousers are fashion and need slouch or lace-up boots
skirts are here to stay
dress shoes have tailored appeal
casuals are less casual
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