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Online registration for the August 2006 Collections at WSA is not yet available. Please enter your name and email address below and we will notify you when it has been activated. Thanks for your interest in the August 2006 Collections at WSA!

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Why Should You Attend The Collections at WSA?

  • Do Your Shopping Under One Roof
  • No Trains. No Winter Coats. No Umbrellas or Boots Necessary. No Taxis.
  • We Bring the Best World Brands To You.
  • Conveniently Merchandised Floors By Product Category.
  • See and Be Seen By The World's Top Media - Your Store Could Be The Next Feature Article!
  • Be First to Review New Products and Color Trends. 
  • Where Better to Attend a Show than Las Vegas!

The Collections at WSA is for qualified buyers of footwear and related accessories. Buyers are encouraged to bring business colleagues from within their retail company to The Collections at WSA.  

Please note that the Collections at WSA is not open to the public.  Therefore, new attendees will be required to submit a Registration Application that includes two types of business credentials that can confirm their professional involvement in the retail industry. The following is a list of acceptable credentials that must accompany the Registration Application (online application coming soon). 

  • Business license
  • Business card which clearly shows your status as a retail owner, manager, planner, merchandiser, or buyer
  • Lease with your business name
  • Resell number/tax id number
  • Bank statement with your name and your business name
  • Letter from a manufacturer/exhibitor stating that you have a confirmed appointment at the show (must be on manufacturer's letterhead.)
  • Invoice from a footwear or accessories manufacturer


If you are a qualified member of the footwear and related accessories industry and fall into one of the following categories, then you too can benefit from attending the Collections at WSA.

  • Student
  • Service provider
  • Jobber/Reseller
  • Technology
  • Designer
  • Media Staff (non-editorial)
  • Manufacturer / Supplier
  • Financial Analyst / Venture Capitalist
  • Speaker
  • Vendor
  • Importer / Exporter

How Do I Register For The Collections at WSA as a Non-Buyer?
There are three easy ways to register:

  1. REGISTER ONLINE: coming soon.
  2. REGISTER BY FAX: coming soon.
  3. REGISTER BY MAIL: coming soon.

Attendees with children

Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted in the exhibit hall during show hours. Please note: Waivers will no longer be issued.

A non-employee spouse or family member above the age of 16 accompanying a qualified buyer can obtain a Guest badge but cannot pre-register. They must register on-site.  At on-site registration, both the Guest as well as the qualified buyer must show ID indicating that they live at the same address.

Questions? Click here for our Registration FAQs.