Get Even More Exposure at the WSA Show

Each of the 26,000 attendees at the WSA show enters the show through the main walkways at the Sands Expo and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. As part of a mix of advertising options, WSA is offering an opportunity for exhibitors to gain more exposure for their brand through hanging and freestanding billboards at these locations. These dramatic displays provide maximum visibility at the WSA venues.

The three styles (curved, tapered, and elevated) have sizes ranging from 8'x12' to 14'x9', offer a unique marketing opportunity. Positioned in the most visible high traffic areas of the show, the billboards are produced by WSA from exhibitor submitted artwork.

Display your image at WSA and add to the exciting atmosphere of the largest footwear trade show in the U.S. Contact World Shoe Association for additional information and to reserve a billboard for the show (949) 851-8451.

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