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"Finders/Keepers: The Game of Attracting Customers"
Presented by NSRA
Everyone in your industry is doing the same thing: racing to win the best customers. Everybody wants to be in the game and win, but most won't because they don't have the right pieces for winning the game.

During NSRA's February 2004 conference, attendees will walk through the game board, playing through the cold, hard facts about what it takes to attract those "MVCs-Most Valuable Customers." Winning the "attraction game" can be a challenge, just like finding and keeping those customers. Knowing how to get them gives you an advantage over your competitors. Better yet, acting on, and playing, the winning strategies will give you a real chance to win the game of "Attracting Customers!"
Monday, February 9, 2004

8:00am to 5:30pm
Bally's Las Vegas
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* after 1/12/04 fees increase 50%

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