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.....Through Net Technology

Now attendees can eliminate hours of wasted time looking up exhibitors as the WSA markets in Las Vegas. Thanks to technology and the power of the Internet, shopping at the country's largest footwear trade show just got a whole lot easier. A software program installed on the WSA website allows retailers to highlight companies they wish to visit during the show and then "mark" them into a planner for easy access and directions.

Tradeshow Planner is just one element of a sophisticated new system WSA has implemented to make the rigors of show coordination easier on both the retailer and exhibitor. Other website services include a job search posting.

Attendees can also access an e-mail system via the website. Through a list of exhibitors, attendees can send that particular company an e-mail. By utilizing their show badge number for access, attendees can also have all of their e-mail from their home office forwarded to the show site during the week in Las Vegas.

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