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Spring 2001- Footwear Trend Report

WSA is the largest exhibition of footwear fashion in the U.S. Held twice a year in Las Vegas, shoe manufacturers from all over the world exhibit the latest footwear styles. With exhibitors ranging from high-end designers to the fastest skateboard looks, the most recent shoe show provided an extensive overview of footgear fashions for Fall 2000.

Reported by: Meg Rottman, StylePR

After two seasons of "anything goes", important fashion trends are back with a vengeance for Spring 2001. With a salute to past decades and a nod to the technology of the future, shoe designers are embracing the new millennium with the feminization of footwear. Shoes will be streamlined and pared down with a lower profile and a flatter heel. Embellishments will have restraint (think thin band of rhinestones strapped across a manicured foot). And virtually everything is backless, opened toed or sandalized.

Color returns. The power blue that was teasingly introduced last spring now appears in every footwear category. Inspired by the massive return of denim in ready-to-wear, shoes are aquatic, turquoise or baby blue. Even grayed blue becomes a stylish neutral. Other seasonal colors include citrus shades (lemon, lime and the continuation of orange) and such jelly bean colors as muted pink and lilac. Black is strong alone and even stronger accented with white or tan for a spectator look.

Gold is the newest metallic, both in jewelry and leathers. It is burnished or patented, used alone (as in a gold mesh sneaker) or combined with futuristic clear vinyl and the importance of shine for Spring 2001. And for the Gucci, Coach or Vuitton couture customer, logos are back, done tone on tone or contrasting with black printed naturals.

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