Press Release
Seinfeld Slated to Talk About "Nothing" July 31

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (February 2003) -- Reruns of Jerry Seinfeld's popular TV show and his observational humor continue to make us laugh at ourselves time and time again. WSA is proud to announce Seinfeld will grace the WSA stage on July 31. Making even a mundane errand hysterically rich, Seinfeld's own conversational "Seinlanguage" blended into American culture, making him one of the most popular and most imitated comedians in America.

Born and raised in New York, Seinfeld began hitting the club circuit the night he graduated from Queens College. While working a variety of odd jobs, his hard work finally paid off when he became a regular guest on Late Night With David Letterman and The Tonight Show. With his popularity rising, Seinfeld was awarded his own sitcom pitched as a show about "nothing" in 1990. A huge hit with both the critics and with viewers, The Jerry Seinfeld Show became the multi-Emmy Award winning series we all know and love and still quote to this day.

Now, as a husband and father (buying many more shoes than in his single years), Jerry Seinfeld is sure to deliver his twisted, knee-slapping take on the role of footwear in our culture, as well as the characters who work within our industry. Kick your shoes off, prop your feet up, and join us for the fun. Tickets will assuredly sell out quickly, so send the enclosed form today!

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