Press Release
"David R. Duncan Named President of WSA for 2003"

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (February 2003) -- David R. Duncan has been named President of World Shoe Association (WSA) and began serving his term in January.

Previously the organization's Vice President, Duncan will oversee the WSA show's two markets in 2003 as well as other member-related activities and issues. Duncan succeeds Ken Mazur, who becomes chairman.

Other newly elected WSA board officers are Mitch Fisherman as Vice President, Carmel Gouveia as Treasurer and Gary Tierney as Secretary. John Maltese, John Roberts, Joel Youngheim and Gretchen Cox were all elected as the newest members of the Board of Directors while Dave Bowe and Jim Potter stepped down due to the end of their terms. Also recently elected to serve on our Board was Aron Gottlieb who passed away February 23, 2003.

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