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Badges are mailed to exhibitors about three weeks before the show. Pre-registration deadlines are December 1 (for the February Show) and June 1 (for the August Show).

On-Line Buyer
On-Line Exhibitor

Bbadges are mailed to their membership address. You may pre-register by one of the following options:

1. List your name on the exhibit application submitted by your Company.

2. If your company completes the application and does not include your name for registration, you may register on-line with our Exhibitor pre-registration form. If you prefer, you may also download the form and mail it to WSA.

You do not automatically receive a badge by being a WSA member




Executives & Company Personnel

of exhibiting companies may register on-line by submitting a list of your names including titles for each attendee on the Exhibitor pre-registration form. Badges will be mailed to the company address as provided on the exhibit contract.

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On-Site Registration

After the deadline date, you may register on-site with business credentials. Please refer to our Show Hours for registration times.

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