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Shuttle Ads

Hotel Lobby & Convention Center Bus Stop Signs

Be Seen at the WSA Market! Advertise all over Las Vegas at Hotel Lobby and Convention Center Bus Stop Signs. Stake your claim! This is exclusive advertising with only one exhibitor per hotel.

Bus Stop Signs / Park Benches

Hotel Lobby Signs/Kiosks

Capture attention with indoor / outdoor bench ads. These bences, placed in high-traffic areas, act as a magnet for the weary conventioneer. When they find somewhere to rest, they'll be grateful to you for providing a seat.


Ensure high visibility and repeated exposure throughout the show with your
exclusive hotel lobby advertisement.

Kiosks are placed in premium locations inside and outside the convention center to maximize your ad dollars.

For further information and rates please contact direct:
Kathy Norton
CMAC Shuttle Bus Ads

[email protected]

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