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Design Entrance - Transparency Panels

Showcase your company with dramatic effect at the WSA show with large scale images placed at the entryway of the exhibit hall of the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

12ft x 12ft, crescent shaped panels that are back-lit to provide a vibrant appearance, allows full visability from all areas fo the convention level lobby. Integrated and cushioned seating elements allow attendees to gather near your company's image, creating more excitement for the total buying experience. Space is extremely limited which makes this marketing concept so unique and effective. To reserve your company's space, contact WSA today 949-851-8451.

Design Entrance - Printed Billboards

Promote your brands at the show entrance with a printed billboard. These spectacular billboards are positioned against convention walls in full view of all attendees. The 9ft x 9ft vividly colored billboards will automatically demand attention as show attendees ascend the escalators leading to the second floor of the convention center.

Billboards offer your company a unique marketing opportunity to present your image directly to potential retail customers. Space is limited so call today to reserve your billboard location!  Please contact WSA at [email protected] for further information.

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