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Showcase Your Company
with Dramatic Effect
at the WSA Show

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for Exhibitors to Promote
Their Brands at Show Entrance

There is now a way to make an immediate, exciting and lasting impression on the thousands of attendees at the WSA Show by advertising your company with large-scale images placed at entryways to exhibit halls. WSA is offering exhibitors several large-scale image formats leading directly to all the main entrances of the largest footwear show in the U.S.

Take advantage of these unique marketing opportunities. Space is extremely limited which makes this marketing concept unique and effective. For more information, contact Marie at World Shoe Association (949) 851-8451.







Standard Billboards
14' tall x 9' wide, positioned above for maximum visibility, these vividly colored, large scale printed billboards will automatically demand attention as show attendees enter the exhibit hall lobby.

These billboards offer the individual company a unique marketing opportunity to present their brand's image directly to the buyer's market.












Tapered Billboards
12' tall x 12' wide, these tapered-shaped panels provide a dramatic and vibrant appearance, allowing for full visibility from all areas of the entrance lobby. Combined with staged lighting effects, these tapered billboards elicit the thrill of an awards show in a theater setting.

Placed on a curved pedestal with cushioned seating elements, attendees are drawn to gather near your company's image, creating more excitement for the total buying experience.

At the Show









Curved Billboards

These 12' high x 8' wide
curve-shaped free-standing billboards integrate the latest
in billboard design and lighting
with the best positioning
to be found at the show.

All who attend
must pass this area to
gain access to the exhibit hall.

At the Show

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