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The WSA Show, held twice a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, is closed to the public and to non-exhibiting manufacturers. All attendees must provide appropriate business credentials.

WSA cannot guarantee that the booth assignment for exhibitors is 100% accurate. Although we ususually have no issues, the best effort will be made with our vendors to correct any booth assignment errors.




In case you haven't noticed, WSA is undergoing some changes to its website. We are making our site more user friendly, improving the navigation, updating our forms for on-line processing and much more. Currently, visitors that visit our Hotel Reservations page can make their room reservations right on-line for our Las Vegas Footwear Shows.

During the next several months, we appreciate your patience as changes are made. If you notice any discrepencies, have any questions or suggestions please e-mail them directly to our webmaster.

Keep coming back! As our site plans are developing, WSA will bring you an interactive, informational, and beneficial site for each of our members and guests. Thank you for visiting the WSA website.


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